Hollow Spinneret

The hollow spinneret we offer including chemical fiber tantalum spinneret, tantalum spinneret, high performance micro-engineered hollow fiber membranes spinneret and micro-engineered chemical fiber membrane hollow spinneret.
The ergonomically designed hollow spinneret is an important part of the spinning machine for the production of short fibers, differential fibers, nylon, non-woven fibers and filament yarns. Thanks to the advanced design of the spinneret, the machine components can be used at high temperatures and pressures. The hollow spinneret consists of a number of holes of a specific diameter and shape. The cross-sectional design of the filaments depends to a large extent on the design of the holes.
The hollow spinneret is able to design and manufacture single and multiple high-precision hollow spinnerets for the production of high quality fibers for filtration and dialysis. The hollow spinneret converts the viscous polymer melt or solution into a fine stream having a specific cross-section through micropores, and is solidified by a coagulation medium such as air or a coagulation bath to form a filament.
The hollow spinneret body is evenly arranged with a spinning hole, and the cross section of the spinning hole is arranged in two symmetric half frames, with a certain interval therebetween. The inner layer of the fiber has the presence of an air layer, which effectively increases the thermal conductivity, improves the heat insulation and heat insulation effect of the fabric or the heat insulating material made of the fiber, and has a good guide due to the wicking effect of the hollow portion.
The hollow spinneret is connected with the screw base and the intermediate spinneret, and the screw cover and the intermediate spinneret are connected, so that the needle cover penetrates all the small holes in the pipe, and the imported parts screw the solution into the spray. In the middle of the wire head, the core fluid inlet connection portion is screwed into the spinneret base.
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1. High pressure resistance, high temperature and corrosion.
2. Quality assurance, ingenious welding and processing.
3. Provided spinneret with high tensile strength.
4. Easy to install for trouble-free operation.

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