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Application of spray device
May 09, 2017

Factory area:

Smelting and forging workshop or workshop for high temperature cooling and dedusting; papermaking and textile factories for humidification, dust, anti-static; chemical, wood workshop for deodorization, preservation; gas station, electronic room with it, in addition to electrostatic humidification and cooling etc..

Spray dedusting principle

Because the evaporation area of the water mist is very large, the suspended dust in the air can be captured by the floating water mist, and the weight of the dust is increased and landed on the ground. When exposed to the hot and dry air, the instant will be evaporated, and in this process will take a lot of heat, in the hot season has a good cooling effect.

Main functions: dust removal, cooling, humidification, disinfection, deodorization, air purification, etc.

Widely used: in addition to dust removal and cooling, but also a large number of applications in humidification, fog making landscape, dust, in addition to taste, greenhouse, seedling, livestock breeding, spraying,

Landscape Application

With a place in the rockery, open-air restaurant, Plaza, golf training field, fountain, corridor, can form a charming effect of smoke, produced a lot of negative oxygen ions, make the air fresh and moist, can change the local climate;

Main functions: landscaping, cooling, humidification, deodorization, air purification, etc.

Applicable places: parks, squares, stage, leisure places, etc.

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