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Common knowledge of air atomizing nozzle mixing spray
Nov 24, 2017

Common knowledge of air atomizing nozzle mixing spray

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The air atomizing nozzle has many spray modes such as round spray, fan spray and so on. There are siphon type and pressure type spraying devices. The mixing mode has internal mixing and external mixing, and the air atomizing nozzle spray can have a good humidifying effect on the surrounding environment

Air atomizing nozzle

Air atomization by air assisted atomization, the internal structure of special design, can make the mixed gas and liquid uniform together to form a fine spray or coarse spray can, by changing the pressure to change the spray particle size, the greater the pressure spray particle more fine spray effect is better. The structure of air atomizing nozzle is divided into three types: gravity type, pressure type and siphon type. The air atomizing nozzles with different structures can be selected in different environments.

Stainless steel air atomizing nozzle

Characteristics of air atomizing nozzle

Air atomizing nozzle has a variety of flow size to choose, use air atomizing nozzle to have air pressure, make liquid and gas fully mixed together to form a good spray effect.

The air atomizing nozzle has a needle valve which can adjust the flow rate. The angle and flow of the nozzle spray can be adjusted by tightening or screwing the pine needle valve

Air atomizing nozzle is composed of air cap and liquid cap, with fan, round and other spray modes, wide flow range, nozzle inlet joint size is very large, suitable for most of the pipeline on the market. The components of the nozzle can be removed to facilitate cleaning and replacement.

Air atomizing nozzle can effectively control the humidity of the site, spray fine atomized particles, and play a good role in the humidification of the surrounding environment

Air atomizing nozzle

Pomeranian air atomization parameters

Spray connection in mixed mode

Pressure type outer mixing 1/4 fan sector mixed with 1/4

Pressure inner mixing 1/4 annular partial fan inner mixed annular with 1/4 "connecting main body"

Pressure internal mixing 1/4 fan inner mixed fan with 1/4 "connection main body"

Pressure inner mixing 1/4 wide-angle circular, internal mixing wide-angle circular with 1/4 "connection main body"

Pressure inside mixing 1/4 Cape corner round inside mixed circle with 1/4 "connection main body"







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