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How to choose a nozzle
Aug 27, 2018

How to choose a nozzle

The size of the water pipe for installing the nozzle: the size of the water pipe determines the size of the nozzle, and the water pipe for installing the nozzle should have a large nozzle size. In a nutshell, using a one-inch branch pipe to install the nozzle, it is impossible to select a nozzle that is more than one inch (8 points) or more. Only one nozzle is installed for a water pipe, except for "3" (6 points). 1/2 (4 points). 3/8 (3 points). 1/4 (2 points). 8 (1 point), and a single water pipe needs to install multiple nozzles. It is necessary to select nozzles smaller than two sizes of water pipes. For example, an inch water pipe can only install more than 3/4 (6 minutes) size nozzles.

Spray mode: Simply speaking, it is a spray state. Let's take a realistic analogy: a fan spray on a horizontal plane, an atomized spray in a floating state, or a cone spray (like a mist, a drizzle, a small rain, a moderate rain, a heavy rain) The shape of the rainstorm is determined by the size of the water droplets after atomization.

The same nozzle can be manufactured in a variety of materials, the most commonly used is stainless steel (304.316.310.316L) engineering polypropylene (PP, referred to as plastic), brass, ceramic. The choice of the influence material is mainly the temperature and pH of the environment and liquid. Special requirements are to use silicon carbide, PVDF, Teflon, Harbin alloy (C276), 1.4529, tungsten steel and other materials. Cleaning nozzle

The same spray effect can also choose a variety of nozzles, such as cleaning can choose ordinary fan nozzle, wide-angle fan nozzle, narrow-angle fan nozzle, you can also choose solid cone nozzle and so on. More detailed use requires an impact, the ease of cleaning the dirt, and the coverage that a single nozzle needs to achieve. These considerations can be combined to specifically select the spray pattern of the nozzle, whether it is a fan shape or a cone.

The final summary is that the environment determines the material of the nozzle, the pressure and flow rate determine the type of nozzle, the size of the connecting water tube determines the size of the nozzle, the coverage area and the spray mode determine the spray state of the nozzle.

The pressure is proportional to the flow rate, and the spray angle is proportional to the coverage area.

As for the connection method, it is not important that the same nozzle can be threaded (internal thread, external thread), welded, snap-fit connection, flanged connection. The most practical is the externally threaded nozzle that connects the internally threaded water pipe.

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