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Humidification technology and its development
May 09, 2017

Humidity as one of the main parameters of the air, and people's lives, production is closely related to people living in the humidity environment of 50~60% feel comfortable, otherwise you will feel dry or wet stuffy. In the textile industry humidity is lower than 40% is easy to break the yarn; the tobacco industry humidity is higher than 70% is easy to mildew, and when the humidity is less than 30% extremely easy to produce static electricity industry is extremely unfavorable. With the development of modern air conditioning technology, air humidity control technology and various types of humidification, dehumidification equipment has also been developed.

In 60s, our country began to pay attention to the research and development of wet equipment, has been on the rise and fall of temperature and humidity, the wheel of the wet and low temperature gel development, and its products have been widely used in china. But the humidifying technology until the beginning of the 70s is still stuck in the water spray humidification and humidification with electrode type, textile, electronics, printing, tobacco, special reserve technology development and people's living environment comfort requirements continue to increase, a new subject of the late 70s humidification technology, steam humidifying technologies are widely applied. Dry steam humidifier test success.

By 80s, with the further development of Chinese and foreign technology, the advanced technologies such as centrifugal humidification, ultrasonic humidification, far infrared humidification and so on have been developed and commercialized. At the end of 80s, there were new products, such as high pressure spray humidifier, new electrode humidifier and wet film humidifier. At present, a wide range of different types of humidifiers, different performance, the user in the purchase of the humidifier should be based on product performance characteristics, humidity requirements, use occasions and other factors to choose.

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