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Outdoor artificial spray cooling system
May 09, 2017

Outdoor space environment cooling system, can control the temperature of the local environment. Artificial fog cooling system to distribute water particles in the air, in the process of vaporization to absorb a lot of heat in the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the evaporation cooling principle of ambient temperature, is an effective means of outdoor sunstroke.

The space environment of artificial fog cooling principle for aerosol double evaporation cooling principle, the terminal will be a diameter of 1-10 microns in mist particle diffusion to the cooling region, the evaporation time in the process of diffusion and absorption in the region a lot of heat, scientific statistics one kilogram of water excitation into the floating floating state of the artificial fog, the the effect is equal to the dissolution of seven kilograms of ice, the cooling effect is generally up to 6 DEG -10 DEG, extreme cases can decline to 14 degrees.

Since the real estate landscape design, the landscape technology has experienced many technical changes, such as artificial water system, fountain and artificial fog system. Consumer demand from the pursuit of a single, static landscape into today's pursuit of a more rich and varied landscape, and put forward on the basis of landscape health, green, environmental protection, low carbon concepts and other new needs.

Each gram of water can for outdoor air cooling efficiency of the spray cooling is very high, in theory, the energy of spray cooling is required to overcome the surface tension of water increases the energy required, 1 cubic meters of water into a cube of 10 micron, the surface tension is needed, and the latent heat of evaporation of up to 2 billion 200 million joules, the theory of energy efficiency ratio as high as 50 thousand, while the air conditioning by the laws of thermodynamics, the theory of the highest efficiency ratio of cooling 5 DEG C at 30 C is 60.

Application of spray cooling early in 2002 gives the solution of large-scale outdoor spray cooling system, but the scale was used for the first time in Japan, Aichi of World Expo, the most successful application in Shanghai in 2010 in World Expo. So far, in most cases, unable to control the outdoor temperature, and a lot of the time people must be in a hot, dull place for a few hours or more, such as outdoor plaza, sports stadiums, amusement park and so on. Air conditioning can not be used in these outdoor environments, people have to endure the ubiquitous heat. With the spray cooling system, it can control the temperature of the local environment. Spray cooling system distributed to water particles in the air, in the process of vaporization to absorb a lot of heat in the surrounding environment, so as to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, is the effective means of sunstroke. In the summer, when the temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius above the city, even with the umbrella, wearing sunglasses, from the sun and from the direct reflection of the ground, still feels brutal. Under the action of the spray cooling system, the air temperature can be reduced to 25 DEG C, and the temperature can be lowered at a temperature of 14 DEG C in the extreme environment, so as to achieve the optimal temperature of the human body.

Landscaping and moisturizing

The fog can be light and graceful, aeriality, dim misty, the vast boundless, can separate into the scene, a side of the world, but also can be combined with water, rockery, plants, lights and other various elements and different forms, complement each other. Its diverse forms and functions, will be added to the Chinese landscape painting artistic conception. Its unique moisturizing function, can better plant maintenance and growth;

Improve the air quality of small environment

The raw water after professional water treatment, fog and impact generated by high pressure micro, can produce a large number of negative ions with "air vitamin", to create a city in the exclusive forest oxygen bar, improve air quality, good physical and mental health;


Fog molecular aerosols, which can effectively absorb heat in the air, reduce the local temperature, its low operating cost, effective cooling effect, has been widely used and recognized in World Expo and many other attractions, has become a new element of public space, residential outdoor cooling.

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