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Plateau building indoor humidification oxygen supply system patent
May 09, 2017

By the regional finance department cadres Zhou Shanqing invented the "plateau indoor humidification oxygen supply system" won the State Intellectual Property Office granted the patent right for utility model. The invention combines the oxygen supply and the humidification, effectively solves the problems of plateau hypoxia and dry climate for a long time, and has good popularization and application prospect and social value.

It is understood that Zhou Shanqing is the national Ministry of Finance PhD and occupation of accountant qualification of cadres. In addition to his daily work, he began to delve into this kind of plateau building indoor humidification oxygen supply system". In order to invent such a harsh climate in the plateau environment, overcome the scientific and practical products, Zhou Shanqing by telephone, network, and other ways to understand personal research and consulting various domestic similar products used in different environment. After more than half a year of hard experiments, the plateau building indoor humidification oxygen system was successfully released. Not only through the autonomous region science and Technology Department organized experts to identify the results, but also won the State Intellectual Property Office granted utility model patent.

Zhou Shanqing told reporters that the "plateau indoor oxygen humidification system in Tibet wide application, and can be used for Tibet cadres and workers, especially in high altitude area to improve the living conditions of workers and cadres. At the same time, Tibet hypoxia, dry seasonal tourism difficulties will be eased, if in the hotel promotion, also will be a good solution to mainland tourists in the high altitude, and provide better services for the development of Tibet winter tourism market.

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