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What are the types of industrial nozzles
May 09, 2017

Hollow industrial nozzle type is essentially a circular liquid ring, the type of common tangent and swirl through the gas inlet cavity or through internal vane slot a close to the mouth of the upper structure, the rotation of droplets in its separate nozzle mouth to form a hollow cone shape.

The solid cone spray type cover area is circular, square or oval, complete with spray droplets, usually the spray type is the application of internal blade shape, the blade makes the liquid made of control flow in the nozzle before the kick, or fine spray nozzle atomization application in pipe arrangement can also achieve a solid cone cover.

The liquid column spray type is basically the average liquid through a hole in the spray liquid flow, but the surface profile in front of the mouth and the proportion of oral liquid column nozzle wall modern flow nozzle with the rational application or internal regulator to become more successful. These nozzles increase the length of the liquid droplets separated from the nozzle, and delay the breakup of the liquid column and the composition of the droplets.

The fan spray type of liquid dispersion flat fan-shaped or flake shaped, fan-shaped spray type is through the application of a circular jet nozzle or oval a tangent and a guiding surface of mouth.

In the elliptical nozzle design, the shape of the spray axis is the axis of the inlet pipe joint, in guiding surface design, guiding surface spray shape makes axis offset inlet pipe joint.

It is through the spray nozzle nozzle usually produces the edge ellipse gradually pointed the spray shape, the performance is helpful in multi nozzle stacking type formed between adjacent spray tube, so the entire section is the average of the spray.

The fan nozzle can generate "flat" edges rather than gradually tapering edge is usually used for cleaning the average impact demand of the whole section, without stacking spray.

It is conform to the needs of the market our company developed four victory nozzle, the nozzle can spray shape from square, general demand for square spray places.

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