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What is the atomization mechanism of nozzle?
Sep 02, 2017

What is the atomization mechanism of nozzle?

The research shows that the atomization process of nozzle is controlled mainly by 4 forces, that is aerodynamic drag, viscous force, surface tension and inertia force of liquid. The interaction between these 4 forces causes the continuous liquid injection to split and break. It is generally believed that nozzle atomization process is divided into jet atomization process and liquid film atomization process.

The breakup mechanism of jet was analyzed by Rayleigh in 1876. He uses small perturbation method to analyze the conditions required for low velocity jet breakup, and considers that the jet breakup can only occur when the symmetric disturbance wave is comparable to the jet diameter. Tyler by measuring the frequency of jet breakup, the relationship between jet breakup and perturbation wave length is studied, and the theoretical analysis of Rayleigh is verified.

Weber developed a more general theory of low velocity viscous jet breakup, and proposed the existence of the best disturbance wave length for jet breakup, and gave its expression. By analyzing the interaction of various forces in the process of liquid atomization, he considers that the friction between the aerodynamic force and the liquid itself and the high speed flow inertia of the liquid itself are the important reasons for the breakup of the droplets. When the aerodynamic drag is greater than the surface tension, the liquid will spray, and the liquid surface will drop. Based on this, he proposed a dimensionless constant - Weber number, and gave the critical Weber number of atomization phenomenon and the critical liquid velocity, and other important parameters







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