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What is the choice of spray system nozzle
Aug 27, 2018

What is the choice of spray system nozzle

The nozzles of the sprinkler system mainly use atomizing nozzles, and secondly, different nozzle types are selected according to different spray towers. Its main nozzle models are: spiral nozzle, SMP nozzle, silicon carbide vortex nozzle, ceramic C-type nozzle and so on.

Spiral nozzles are the most common and practical nozzles. Almost all spray towers are available. Secondly, these nozzles are very versatile. Available in stainless steel, ceramic, silicon carbide, brass, plastic and other materials. The minimum size of the nozzle is 2 points, and the maximum size can be 4 inches, that is, the atomization requirements for large and small sizes can be achieved. The flow rate can reach 100 cubic meters per hour from 2 cubic meters per hour. Secondly, the anti-clogging performance is second only to the eddy current nozzle of silicon carbide. At the same time, the atomization effect is also moderately high.

The advantage of SMP nozzle is mainly atomization effect. The atomization effect is the best in all spray tower atomizing nozzles. Secondly, its function is not simple for atomization of spray tower. It can be used in some specific fields. To, such as atomization cleaning, landfill spraying, defoaming in water treatment, etc., can be used, the main reason is its high atomization effect requirements. Currently commonly used materials are stainless steel, plastic, and silicon carbide.

The main advantage of the vortex nozzle is the silicon carbide material, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Its biggest advantage is that the anti-clogging ability is the best among all nozzles, because the diameter of the nozzle is generally large, so it can take an absolute advantage in anti-clogging.

Ceramic C-type nozzles are mainly installed in the way, and the atomization effect is medium to upper level, followed by ceramic materials, and the ability to withstand high temperature and corrosion is extremely strong, so the pipe nozzle is absolutely absolute in this respect. The advantage is inside.

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