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What is the definition of stainless steel fan nozzle
Sep 15, 2018

What is the definition of stainless steel fan nozzle?

Stainless steel fan nozzle

Stainless steel fan nozzle is a popular nozzle in the industrial nozzle family. It is a representative nozzle in industrial nozzle. Stainless steel nozzle is divided into stainless steel fan nozzle, stainless steel spiral nozzle, stainless steel atomizing nozzle, stainless steel. V-shaped fan nozzle, stainless combined fan nozzle, stainless steel BB solid cone nozzle, today we mainly talk about stainless steel fan nozzle, this nozzle is divided into CC fan nozzle, V-shaped fan nozzle and combined fan nozzle.

The stainless steel CC fan nozzle mainly sprays a uniform shape with high-strength striking force in the form of a fan surface, mainly used for product cleaning, product cooling, product washing, chemical mixture liquid spray cleaning, etc., in these industries. The more extensive should be the cooling of the steel industry, the surface of the steel and steel, etc., the stainless steel fan nozzle of Dongguan Changyuan Spray Technology Co., Ltd. is divided into CC shape, V-shaped, CC fan-shaped stainless steel nozzle with multi-angle and multi-flow The choice of path is widely used in the 110 degree stainless steel fan nozzle, and the 15 degree small angle flow is also more popular. As for the flow rate, the most is the small flow within 06, this flow is not good. The fan surface is uniform, the liquid consumption is relatively small, and the cleaning power is relatively high. This is the advantage of the small flow stainless steel fan nozzle. The disadvantage is that the processing is difficult and the scrap rate is high. These two conditions make the price higher than the high flow stainless steel fan nozzle. some. As for the V-shaped fan nozzle, we will focus on the main advantages and disadvantages in the next section. And all aspects of the application.

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