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What is the reason that the atomizing nozzle is not sprayed?
Jul 28, 2018

What is the reason that the atomizing nozzle is not sprayed?

The atomizing nozzle is designed to work under a variety of different spray conditions, so a suitable atomizing nozzle can be used to achieve optimum spray performance during use. The characteristics of the atomizing nozzle are mainly reflected in its type of spray, that is, the shape formed when the liquid leaves the nozzle opening and its running performance. Next, analyze the cause of the atomizing nozzle failure:


First, corrosion. These chemicals can also cause corrosion and blockage of the nozzle material when the workpiece is sprayed with chemical materials. The accumulation of chemical materials and impurities on the inside or outside of the nozzle can cause blockage of the nozzle. This will affect the spray shape of the nozzle, which will affect the nozzle spray pressure.


Second, erosion. When a high flow rate liquid passes through the metal surface at the nozzle hole, it will erode the nozzle hole, causing the nozzle pressure to decrease and the spray state to become irregular. The probability of erosion of the nozzle depends on the hardness of the liquid, the spray pressure, the type of chemical used and its amount. In addition, particulate impurities in the liquid can also cause the nozzle to be severely eroded.


Finally, accidental damage. Improper use and inability to perform maintenance in a timely manner are the main causes of accidental damage to the nozzle. Although the nozzle opening is usually designed to be concave, the offset structure of the fan nozzle is easily damaged. temperature. When the nozzle is operated at high temperature or abnormal temperature for a long time, the nozzle will be damaged due to softening of the material. According to the atomization mechanism and experimental research, combined with the experience of coal mine field use, the ways to improve nozzle atomization mainly include the following aspects: The relative speed difference between the two phases increases the aerodynamic force, so that the droplets are broken more finely under the action of a larger aerodynamic force. Increasing the exit velocity of the liquid phase nozzle to enhance the collision, so that the relatively ejected droplets can be further broken when colliding.


It has been found that if the droplet exit velocity is small, it will be aggregated into large droplets, and if the droplet exit velocity is large, the degree of atomization can be improved. However, this will reduce the relative velocity of the gas and liquid, making the aerodynamic atomized droplets worse. The experimental results show that the geometry and size of the nozzle and mixing tube have a great influence on the atomization performance. Therefore, when designing the model, in addition to considering their effects on atomization separately, the overall performance changes after they are combined should also be considered.


Study the relationship between flow rate, pressure and nozzle geometry and structure shape of spray water supply system to improve atomization effect. In particular, the water pressure of the water supply system has a great influence on the atomization effect, and the higher the water pressure, the finer the water mist particles. However, the problems caused by higher water pressure are: 1) high energy consumption; 2 all parts in the water supply system are subject to high pressure, easy to malfunction, and short in life, especially the internal spray system on the mining equipment.

This brings us another research topic: how to improve the pressure atomizing nozzle structure to obtain fine water mist particles under limited water supply pressure. Through the classification and characteristics of the analysis, the applicable range of various nozzles is pointed out, and on the basis of analyzing the factors affecting the atomization ability of the nozzle, the way to improve the atomization effect of the nozzle is proposed. In order to improve the atomization effect of the nozzle, it is necessary to match the characteristics of the nozzle and the water supply system, while improving the water quality and improving the filtration precision of the spray water.

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