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What kind of humidifier is best used in cleaning workshop
May 09, 2017

Clean room humidifier selection is determined according to the level of purification workshop, with pure type humidifier can be general, high precision and air conditioning recommended electrode humidifier or electrothermal humidifier.

Characteristics of pure wet film humidifier:

* clean, no white powder pollution

* green, safe, energy saving, environmental protection, economic applicable

* with humidity control to achieve automatic control of humidity

* optional remote control interface

* evaporation material for imported high specific surface area anti fake wet film

* low energy consumption, low operating costs

Electrode humidifier features:

Stable performance, reliable quality, low noise and low failure rate.

1 humidification range: 1kg~120kg;

2 humidification speed: can meet all kinds of humidification requirements;

3 clean humidification: sterile non-toxic, no white powder.

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