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Why all walks of life can not be separated from industrial humidification equipment
May 09, 2017

As one of the main parameters of air, air humidity has a great impact on people's life and product quality. Too high or too low humidity, so that people feel wet or dry, is not conducive to health. In the industrial production, the control of the humidity, determines the quality of the product is good or bad, and even become a hidden danger, endanger personal safety.

Special industrial humidification equipment used in various industries such as printing industry, paper industry, electronic industry, computer, mobile phone battery industry, paint industry, plastic industry, printing industry, tobacco industry, laboratories, HVAC industry, storage, aquaculture, garden, greenhouse, artificial landscape etc..

Here are a few simple data to describe the humidity requirements of several industries:

Precision machining lathe, metrology room humidity requirements generally between 40%~65%RH, such as precision bearing machining, high precision dividing machine, mechanical measurement room, electrical metrology room, if the humidity is not enough, will cause a decline in machining accuracy measurement data distortion.

The humidity requirements of the product coating plant are generally greater than 65%RH, if the humidity is not enough, the adhesion of the paint to the metal or the plastic will be decreased, the spray painting is not uniform, and the surface finish will be decreased.

Pharmaceutical factory, operation room and other environmental requirements of the humidity is necessary, and clean humidification, if the humidity is not enough will result in decreased drug levels, increased bacteria, the wound is not easy to heal.

Electronics factory, semiconductor factory, control room, explosion-proof factories and other places of humidity requirements in 40%~60%RH, if the relative humidity is not enough will cause electrostatic increase, so that the yield rate of products decreased, chip damage, and even in some places explosion will cause an explosion, "the harm caused by the electrostatic bombardment" is immeasurable, when the air humidity below 40%RH is very easy to produce static electricity, though people have taken a lot of measures to remove the static, and the air humidity is higher than 45%RH is absolutely effective.

Humidity requirements of textile factory, printing factory, factory and other places of the film are generally very high, generally more than 60%RH, such as textile plant humidity requirements between 50%~85%RH in general, chemical section to prevent static electricity, prevent section of spinning mirabilite crystallization require high humidity, moisture content of cotton fiber directly affect the fiber strength, in short, textile workshop air conditioning to ensure the relative humidity of the process. In the process of printing and film production humidity is not enough will cause the color is not allowed, paper shrinkage deformation, paper adhesion, product quality and other issues.

So, the industrial humidification equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in all walks of life, even in some southern regions we humidification requirements for a short time, only some 1 to 2 months, but as long as the need to ensure the production process, product quality is unchanged, humidification problems must be considered.

The utility model relates to an industrial humidifying device, which can not only reduce the dust and temperature, but also keep the humidity of the environment at the same time. According to the relevant data, light negative ion air inhalation concentration after oxygen inhalation can increase human lung function, carbon dioxide emissions function can increase the spirit of human thinking, memory, etc., are certain to enhance and improve.

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