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Working principle of centrifugal humidifier
May 09, 2017

Working principle of centrifugal humidifier:

The rotation of the impeller is driven by high speed composite vacuum motor, the water in the water tank under atmospheric pressure, through the suction pressure to the composite atomization impeller, put water into ultra-fine particles, through the motor out of the high-speed rotation of the aerosol in contact with the air humidification and temperature drop to reach.

Movement mode:

The soles of the feet are made of universal wheels. In front of the machine within 6-8 meters without obstacles, to avoid being humidified air without complete gasification, obstacle condensation, corrosion of equipment or pollution of the ground; just below the humidifier cannot install equipment or bulk products, the installation height of 2 meters above the ground. Does not occupy the work site, safe and reliable, long service life.

Power and water:

The site needs to provide the DN15 water supply pipe and power supply for the 220V/50Hz three core socket, the working pressure of the humidifier is 0.5-3.0MPa, the water source of the humidifier is clean tap water.


Spray out of the ultrafine particles (5-8 microns), does not produce the phenomenon of water droplets wetlands.

Can effectively prevent heatstroke 6~8 C, ventilation and humidification can be selected.

Suitable for humidity >60%RH working conditions of the use of direct humidification.

Automatic humidity control.

Applicable places: because of its relatively large amount of humidification, low power consumption, suitable for large areas of humidification.

Industry: printing, textile, garment processing, iron and steel plant, wood, wool, weaving, silk, clothing, knitting, chemical fiber, cigarettes, linen products, processing, etc..

Agricultural industry: animal husbandry, flowers, vegetable greenhouses, etc..

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