Misting System Parts

A range of misting system parts developed by Haihang Misting for use in fog and mist systems. The misting system parts can quickly diffuse and absorb heat in the air to achieve high speed. The misting system parts we offer including 3/8 Brass Compression Fittings, Cooling System Stainless Steel Nozzle Fittings, Brass Misting Nozzle Fitting, Tee Straight Fitting, Push Lock Male Straight and more.
Misting system parts can also be used in high pressure pump mainframe systems and spray systems to convert high pressure water into fine mist particles. For atomizing systems with a more permanent and aesthetic appearance, or for systems with hidden fog lines, the accessories we offer are definitely the ideal solution.
These misting system parts are the highest quality products in the industry. These fittings are uniquely designed to be easily removed, replaced or reinstalled at any time after initial installation.
Established in 1990, we are one of the world's leading misting system parts manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory now has many quality and durable misting system parts for selling. Competitive in top quality, good durability and timely delivery, please be free to buy our quality products.
1. Easy to disassemble, replace or reinstall.
2. Energy efficient, efficient and reliable.
3. Adaptable to atomized water quality.
4. Allows to change the direction of the fog of each individual accessory.
Humidification or cooling for textile plants, printing plants, steel mills, flower planting greenhouses, animal husbandry and other industries.
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