Water Heater 1/2BSP Thread 0.75Mpa Safety Pressure Relief Valve

Product name: Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Material: brass Size: 3/4” 1/2” Use: P/T Valve for solar water heater, electric heater and so on T&P relief Valve Function: The T&P valve is designed to relieve the increase in pressure which develops during the normal heating cycle....
Product description

Product  name: Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Material: brass

Size: 3/4” 1/2” 

Use: P/T Valve for solar water heater, electric heater and so on

T&P relief Valve Function:

The T&P valve is designed to relieve the increase in pressure which develops during the normal heating cycle.

This is caused by the water expanding during the heating cycle.The T/P valve then will relieve the increase in pressure by releasing drips of hot water to the drain line. It is recommended that an expansion control valve be fitted to the cold water supply line as it will relieve cold water(not hot water),during the heating cycle expansion,thereby saving energy and increasing the life of the T&P relie valve.Local regulations may make it mandatory to install an expansion control valve in the cold watersupply line.

Should the electrical temperature cutout devices cease to operate correctly,the water will overheat and the temperature probe will then be activated to open the P/T valve,discharging hot water.

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