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Advantages Of Industrial Fan-shaped Nozzles
Jan 23, 2018

Fan nozzle is currently the most widely used nozzle in various types of nozzle, and there are various models. Various types of sector nozzles are widely used in various industrial cleaning industries and equipment. Is the nozzle type food machinery and pharmaceutical fields topped the application. The material of the fan nozzle is divided into the ordinary stainless sector nozzle, the 304 stainless steel fan nozzle, the 316 stainless steel fan nozzle and so on. In addition, there is a unique PP material nozzle.

The industrial fan nozzle because of its various application condition, which derived from a variety of industry size, currently on the market of general H1/8VV, H1/4U, H3/8U, H1/2U and above the size of fan nozzle has 0 -120 angles ranging from 0 degrees, mainly used for cutting and strong penetrating force should be used, such as paper and the stone cutting etc.. The small angle nozzle is mainly used for high strength cleaning. The angle distribution of these nozzles is generally 0-35 degree fan nozzle. A small flow fan nozzle with a flow rate of less than 06.

In the main flow nozzle for cooling and cleaning, flow angle is moderate, moderate, mainly used in aluminum plate with cleaning, cooling, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning of food cans, food, abrasive cleaning, and other occasions in need of cleaning. Cleaning is a wide use of fan-shaped nozzles. It is also used in all kinds of machinery. The cleaning nozzles used in dishwasher are of special significance.

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