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Analysis Of The Cause Of Spray Nozzles
Apr 07, 2018

Haihang atomizer nozzle is designed according to its work in a variety of different spray conditions, so it is suitable for atomizing nozzle to achieve the best spray performance in the process. The characteristics of atomizing nozzles are mainly reflected in its spray type, which is the shape formed when the liquid leaves the nozzle mouth and its operating performance. The reasons for the failure of atomizing nozzle are analyzed.

First, corrosion. When using chemical materials to spray the workpiece, these chemicals also cause corrosion and blockage of the nozzle material. The accumulation of chemical materials and impurities on the internal or external edges of the nozzle causes the nozzle to block. This will affect the spray shape of the nozzle, which will affect the spray pressure of the nozzle.

Second, erosion. When the high velocity liquid passes through the metal surface of the nozzle hole, it will corrode the nozzle hole, causing the nozzle pressure to decrease and the spray state become irregular. The rate of erosion of the nozzle depends on the hardness of the liquid, the spray pressure, the type of chemical used and the amount of the material used. In addition, the particle impurities in the liquid will also cause the nozzle to be severely eroded.

Finally, accidental damage. Incorrect use and untimely maintenance are the main causes of accidental damage to the nozzle. Although the nozzle orifice is usually designed to be concave, the offset structure of the fan nozzle can be easily damaged. The temperature. Nozzle working under high temperature or abnormal temperature for a long time, can lead to the nozzle for material softening damage. Based on atomization mechanism and experimental study, combined with the experience in using coal field, improve the nozzle ways mainly have the following several aspects of increasing the relative speed difference between gas and liquid two phase to improve aerodynamic force, make the droplets in a larger under the action of aerodynamic force, more fine crushing. Increase the exit velocity of the liquid nozzle to enhance the collision, so that the relative ejection droplets can be further broken in the collision.

It is found that if the droplet outlet velocity is small, it will gather into large droplets. If the droplet outlet velocity is large, the degree of atomization can be improved. However, this will reduce the relative speed of the gas liquid and reduce the droplets of the aerosol droplets. The experimental results show that the geometry and size of the nozzle and mixing tube have great influence on atomization performance. Therefore, in designing the model, apart from considering their influence on atomization, they should also consider the changes in the overall performance after they are combined.

Study the relationship between flow rate, pressure and nozzle geometry size and structure shape of spray water supply system, and improve the atomization effect. In particular, the water pressure of the water supply system has a great impact on the atomization effect. The higher the water pressure is, the finer the water mist particles are. But the problem with high water pressure is: energy consumption; All the parts in the water supply system are under great pressure, easy to fail and short life, especially the internal spray system on the excavation equipment.

This brings us to another research topic: how to improve the structure of pressure atomizing nozzle to obtain fine mist particles under limited water supply pressure. By analyzing the classification and its characteristics, this paper points out the application scope of various nozzles, and puts forward the way to improve the atomization effect of the nozzle on the basis of analyzing the factors affecting the atomization capability of the nozzle. In order to improve the atomization effect of the nozzle, the characteristics of the nozzle and the water supply system must be matched, and the water quality can be improved to improve the filtration precision of the spray water.

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