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Application And Selection Of Humidifying Atomizing Nozzle In Tobacco Industry
Nov 24, 2017

Application and selection of humidifying atomizing nozzle in tobacco industry

In the production and processing of tobacco, tobacco humidifying moisture is very important, the most suitable relative humidity of tobacco storage is 13%~16%, when the humidity in the air can be maintained in this range can effectively reduce the damage rate of tobacco, the tobacco industry humidification atomization nozzle can effectively maintain the humidity in the air, let's take a look at the tobacco what are the requirements for processing the production environment.

Ultrasonic humidifying atomizing nozzle for tobacco industry

Tobacco production and processing, grading, processing, storage, cigarette etc. several steps, each step is the corresponding requirements for the environment and humidity, use of tobacco industry can make the tobacco fine humidifying nozzle more toughness, reduce the damage of tobacco, improve the quality of the tobacco, below we have a deeper understanding a heavy environmental humidity in the process, and the tobacco industry should be how to choose fine humidifying nozzle

Spray humidification in tobacco industry

Classification is the first step of tobacco processing, the quality of tobacco leaves in the same points together, different quality of tobacco leaves made of different grades of cigarette, play the biggest role of tobacco grading of tobacco in the most appropriate relative humidity range is 50%-60%, when the air humidity below the humidity, tobacco will be damaged when the air has broken leaves, the humidity is higher than the humidity is, because of tobacco mildew caused by tobacco waste.

Spray humidification of tobacco leaf factory

When finishing in tobacco, humidity control environment is also very important, there is no suitable humidity environment may cause damage in tobacco, cigarette packing, storage leaves, tobacco leaf alcoholization library and other places humidifying spray nozzle, maintain proper humidity of tobacco production can improve tobacco quality, reduce the dust tobacco production workshop the improvement of tobacco production workshop environment.

Tobacco processing workshop

In tobacco unpacking, solution, etc. in the process of tobacco leaf, because handling, grading as a result of water loss, leaf damage, but also increase the dust production workshop, production workshop will make workers have inhalation of dust, cause the body uncomfortable, affecting the health of workers, reduce the work efficiency by the tobacco industry. The atomizing nozzle can effectively reduce dust and improve the air environment.

Tobacco processing workshop

There are so many benefits of humidifying atomizing nozzle in tobacco industry. Many manufacturers wonder, which kind of humidifying atomizing nozzle should be chosen? Pomeranian manufacturers based on years of experience to answer your questions, stored in the cigarette tobacco warehouse is the use of centrifugal humidifying nozzle in the printing industry, tobacco, tobacco alcoholization library library preparation using ultrasonic humidification atomization nozzle is better in printing industry. Ultrasonic atomizing particle Bo the tobacco industry humidification and atomization nozzle are very small, fast evaporation, spray evenly, humidification effect is obvious, the air relative humidity is maintained at about 60%, greatly reduced the leaf damage rate, the dust removal effect is obvious, to be widely used in tobacco plants






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