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Application Of Metal Nozzle In Environmental Protection Industry
Feb 21, 2018

Application of metal nozzle in environmental protection industry.

Heavy industry provide strong material base for the national economy, referred to as the "backbone" of the national economy, heavy industry to GDP rise year by year, momentum of the development of heavy industry as the national economy with heavy industry as the wizard instructions. Environmental protection and electricity and chemical industry occupy an important position in heavy industry system.

The acceleration of industrialization and urbanization speeding up, urban lifestyle change, greater dependence and pressure to the environment, air quality, energy consumption, pollutant emissions increase. All these environmental problems pose a threat to human existence. In order to solve the problem of the devil, the United Nations and countries have introduced environmental protection requirements, relevant enterprise environmental requirements must first energy conservation and emissions reduction, metal nozzle plays an important role in the link.

The type of metal nozzle for environmental protection is divided into:

Single fluid nozzle and spiral nozzle for desulfurization;

Denitrification of the boiler: denitrification spray gun, denitrification nozzle;

Waste gas washes away from dust and other combustion products.

Foam material bubble and disintegrating solid nozzle;

The solid nozzles are treated with sand and gravel to inhibit the dispersive dust.

A hydraulic atomizing nozzle for evaporative cooling;

Based on current domestic environment situation, demand for the largest is the denitration spray gun, because many domestic heavy manufacturing requires kiln coal and power generation, the process will produce a lot of industrial waste gas, waste gas emissions to air first need to deal with the denitration, need large quantities of denitration spray gun, ammonia denitration gun and urea denitration gun if poorly designed, lead to increased ammonia escape, will seriously reduce the denitration efficiency.

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