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Application Of Metal Nozzles In Industrial Manufacture
Jan 23, 2018

It should be said that modern industrial manufacturing is inseparable from the application of spray, because modern industrial manufacturing is highly efficient with the application of modern technology, and high production efficiency is accompanied by large consumption and consumption, and significant environmental pollution. In order to deal with these pollutants, the paper industry, iron and steel manufacturing, environmental protection engineering, power, cement, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other related industries, which involve the development of the national economy, need spray products to assist in the corresponding industrial processing.

We first talk about the demand for the nozzles in the national paper industry. The papermaking industry is a large consumption of nozzles, with tens of millions of nozzles consumed every year. The running speed of the paper machine is very high. The paper machine network will be blocked at any time. It needs to be equipped with the high pressure wiggler with the speed of the paper machine running synchronously.

Desulfurization denitration project is the spray nozzle and the system of another major consuming industries, because have a lot of harmful gas in the boiler combustion heating, these harmful gases emitted directly into the atmosphere will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere, so need to be equipped with spray gun or the whole denitration denitration gun system in boiler, denitration gun the ammonia or urea liquid jet and harmful gases react to removing harmful substances, and then the flue gas emission.

Iron and steel industry is another big nozzle consumption application. In the process of steel plate forming, various nozzles are needed for cooling, cleaning, cooling, atomization and humidification, and a large number of sector nozzles and air nozzles are needed

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