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Application Of Nozzle In Metallurgical Industry
Feb 21, 2018

Application of nozzle in metallurgical industry.

Steel and non-ferrous metal smelting are two major sectors of metallurgical industry, and any steel plate or sheet metal forming process needs to be smelted, hot rolled, cold rolled, foil rolling and so on.

Hot rolling process needs a large number of fan nozzle during hot rolling; A large number of fan jets are also required for heat treatment during cold rolling. Fan-shaped nozzles and atomizing nozzles need to be used in foil rolling. Below, we have a detailed understanding of the various characteristics of the fan nozzle:

Fan nozzle is divided into standard fan nozzle, high impact fan nozzle narrow Angle, Angle of deflection fan nozzle, unit modular fan nozzle, dovetail slot fan nozzle, self-cleaning fan nozzle, etc. 6 classes.

The standard fan nozzle is divided into 0 degree Angle nozzles -120 degree Angle nozzles, three flow segments. Small flow nozzles, medium flow nozzles and large flow nozzles. The small flow nozzle is mainly used for the flow operation and humidification, and the medium flow nozzle is used for cleaning. Large flow nozzles are used for rinsing. Standard fan nozzle threaded interface is divided into 1/8-2 inch and special order. The material is made of stainless steel.

Narrow Angle high-impact fan nozzle is mainly used in metallurgical industry to remove phosphorus. The impact of narrow Angle fan nozzle is large and has a long range.

It is used in papermaking, coating, environmental protection and other fields.

Dovetail groove fan nozzle is frequently used for metallurgical industry nozzle, dovetail groove base from nozzle design, can save costs for customer input, nozzle spray when the result is bad, can directly replace nozzle, not in the base, and easy installation. The spray effect is similar to the standard fan nozzle. The dovetail groove nozzle has the design of deflection Angle, which can be used in the field.

The piston cleaning valve can automatically clean the foreign body in the nozzle and keep the nozzle free.

The consumption of metallurgical industry of nozzle and blowing nozzle, blowing nozzle due to its low noise, saving the cost of the air, in the steel plate cooling and drying time are need to use air nozzle, and the uniformity of air nozzle jet quantity directly affect the forming quality of the product.

These nozzles are mature for baosteel, angang, jiujiang and other enterprises.

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