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Application Of Spray Nozzle In Cooling And Humidifying
May 09, 2017

Now we can use the spray nozzle to help us achieve this goal, we can not underestimate this small nozzle, but its usefulness.

In the hot summer, the use of spray nozzle humidification cooling, outdoor temperature can be reduced by 4-8 degrees, and can make the air clean and fresh, good physical and mental health. The principle is due to the collision of water molecules at high speed, will produce a lot of negative oxygen ions, it is called "air vitamin", each ml of air can produce 100 thousand -50 10000 negative oxygen ion is 1500-5000 times of the scenic spots, make the air fresh and pure, enhance immunity, good physical and mental health at the same time, you can remove outdoor mosquitoes. Natural clean, washed air, so that all modern living in the natural atmosphere, greatly improving the air quality.

The utility model relates to a fine spray nozzle, which can be used for preventing the clogging of the mist particles in the 20-70 micron part, and the utility model has the advantages that the filter is used for preventing the blockage, and the utility model is provided with a leakage proof structure.

In addition, the nozzle in environmental disinfection, odor elimination, can be installed with liquid pump and water tank, add the disinfectant, disinfection of the environment, can also add flavor flavor, eliminate odor, emit various fragrance.

In the spray nozzle under the effect of per gram per cubic meter of air cooling water can make about 2 degrees for outdoor air, spray cooling efficiency is very high, in theory, the energy needed to cool the surface tension of water is the energy needed to overcome the increase, 1 cubic meters of water into 10 micron cube the surface tension, the energy required about 43200 joules, while the latent heat of evaporation of up to 2 billion 200 million joules, the theory of energy efficiency ratio as high as 50 thousand, while the air conditioning by the laws of thermodynamics, the theory of the highest efficiency ratio of cooling 5 DEG C at 30 C is 60.

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