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Application Of Water Mist Nozzle
Feb 21, 2018

Application of water mist nozzle.

The fine mist nozzle is a common nozzle used in winter dry and dust removal, and the performance of the fine mist nozzle is suitable for many job sites in winter. Let's first look at the advantages of a small water mist nozzle that is different from other nozzles:

Water mist nozzle made of stainless steel refined but become, nozzle internal Mosaic leaf and mesh (the key to the atomization effect is good or bad), small nozzle drainage holes to 0.1 mm, will be a very good using liquid pressure can only liquid atomization, the average droplet atomized particle size of 40 to 60 micrometers, atomization effect is comparable to the fluid air atomizing nozzles. Water mist nozzle spray Angle 60 ° circular conical nozzle, the nozzle performance is stable, spray evenly. To facilitate post-maintenance and cleaning, the filter screen of the nozzle can be removed and cleaned.

The thread interface of the water mist nozzle is currently available only 1/4 and 9/16,NPT.

Due to the superior performance of the water mist nozzle, the fine mist nozzle is widely used in the following important occasions:

Water mist nozzle used in food preservation eliminate bacteria on the production line of perennial, water mist nozzle area covered by proper, installation is convenient, economic cost is low, can meet the requirements of food hygiene, simple operation adopted by domestic and foreign well-known food processing plants for poultry meat fresh, fresh bread, fresh vegetables, also can be used as a food coating conditions.

Water mist nozzle is widely used in pharmaceutical companies, because drug firms are generally aseptic production, workers and working environment of disinfection is an important mission of water mist nozzle, through equipped with solenoid valve and other parts of water mist nozzle spray system is widely used in pharmaceutical industry (for aseptic drug firms level, some companies use air atomizing nozzle instead of single fluid fine atomization nozzle).

Water mist nozzle is widely used in textile, textile mill in the processing of any fabric will be static and drying in the process of fracture phenomena, it need time for fabric humidification, keep it in the soft state, as far as possible to reduce losses, and water mist nozzle is an essential part of textile nozzle.

Water mist nozzle or the air-conditioning chassis products, whether in winter or summer, air conditioning has become part of people's life, the high frequency of use of air conditioning cool down after the case processing without air conditioning, air conditioning will not work properly, so fine water spray nozzle and air purification equipment become necessary for air conditioning operation, is widely used.

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