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Atomization Principle Of High Pressure Atomizing Nozzle
Jan 14, 2018

First, the working principle of the high pressure fan atomizing nozzle:

1, high pressure sector atomization nozzle can spray fine mist. The use of air compression surface can be equipped with high-pressure fan atomization nozzle. Usually, the atomizing nozzle with compressor matching is a combination of fan nozzle with high consistency and applicability. The working principle of the high pressure fan atomizing nozzle is introduced below.

2, high pressure fan nozzle is referred to as the nozzle atomization effect under high temperature, can emit a good type and fans so that people will call the high pressure fan spray nozzle. The high pressure fan opening nozzle can spray the liquid out in the form of atomization. It is a kind of device that can make the spray particles suspended in the air evenly. Its working principle is through the internal pressure, the internal liquid compressed into the high-pressure fan-shaped spray nozzle, placing a piece of iron in the internal high pressure fan spray nozzle, high speed impinging liquid in iron, the impact after the formation of 15-60 microns in diameter around the atomization particles, and then through the fan nozzle design of special structure and the formation of fan-shaped spray jet clear face.

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