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Atomizing Spray Nozzle Is A Kind Of Device
May 09, 2017

The utility model relates to an atomizing nozzle, which is a device which can spray the liquid uniformly and is suspended in the air. There are 2 kinds of atomizing nozzles used in industry, one is fine atomizing nozzle, the other is air atomizing nozzle. But no matter what kind of spray nozzle, its function and purpose of use are consistent: in order to produce fine atomization effect. Air atomizing nozzles require a single air source to provide air for atomization. Some models are equipped with an automatic cylinder or a purge / drain pin that requires an additional air passage. All models require a flow channel. The liquid channel is used to convey liquid by means of pressurization, siphon or gravity transfer. It is the use of high-speed airflow in low speed gradually reduced atomization thin suspended membrane. So, this is two shares in the nozzle flow between expansion cone, liquid layer gradually thinning, the narrow annular jet, the atomization, air jet speed is 10 times the speed of the supply, in the public in the loop, change the airflow velocity faster than the approximate formula available.

1, double stage gas slurry cyclone single air atomizing nozzle, it is in the single stage cyclone air atomization, double stage air atomizing nozzle based on the developed by foreign technology, although the nozzle only rely on single air atomization, uniform spray coal slurry by serosal but large after the formation of the swirl chamber, and for each other in the air channel at the mouth of the cyclone, improve the quality of atomization nozzle.

2, double strong swirl atomizer with double air speed, strong swirl generated strong shear force is to solve the high viscosity fluid atomization with way of film, has become the development of another kind of good quality coal slurry atomization nozzle at home and abroad.

In the center of the nozzle is supplied with cooling air, as cooling nozzle used for pulverized coal and coal slurry nozzle is extremely heavy, pulverized coal by friction when more than coal softening point, easy to make the coal caking caused by blockage of the atomization nozzle cooling gas mainly to reduce head furnace radiation temperature.

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