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Brief Description Of The Connection Way Of Spray Nozzle
May 09, 2017

Because of the design and operation of steel plant personnel requirements and different habits, some are just for the other company or brand casting machine is different, so the atomizing nozzle nozzle connection size and there are many, there is no uniform standard at home and abroad, choose easily confused. To sum up, there are two kinds of connection ways of continuous casting nozzle:

In the early years, the use of threaded nozzle is connected with the nozzle. The spray nozzle and the connecting pipe of the screw thread standard should be consistent, otherwise it will not screw or screw tight leakage. The method of selecting the threaded connection is as follows.

(1) the first selection or distinction of thread standards, thread standard code standard remarks BSPT/R inch taper pipe thread is widely used in our country BSPP/G inch straight thread European common NPT metric screw thread in the United States commonly used

(2) specify or find out if the spray nozzle is internal thread (M), or external thread (F), and to match the connection pipe;

(3) specify or clarify the thread size. The size of the nozzle of the spray nozzle for the continuous casting of our country is commonly used in 3/8 "internal thread, and is also useful for 1/4" and "1/2".

(4) in order to facilitate the design, installation and use of maintenance, spare parts management, in recent years, tend to a continuous casting machine of all spray nozzle only select a kind of thread, or minimize the connection and size.

Continuous casting nozzle sprinkler commonly used materials are brass, especially the billet continuous casting machine, easy processing, wear resistance can also be used to meet the requirements; and the atomization nozzle of slab continuous casting by stainless steel, although the process is difficult, but good wear resistance and wear life of copper nozzle atomizing nozzle 3 ~ 5 times, especially to prevent the shedding of slab surface crack caused by copper.

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