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Causes Of Nozzle Spray
May 09, 2017

Nozzles need to be maintained, regularly checked, cleaned and replaced to ensure the quality of the final product and the economic benefits of the production process. The manner and frequency of maintenance procedures are determined by use. Maintenance plan can be arranged according to the use, liquid and nozzle material. The common causes of nozzle spray:

1, corrosion and wear: nozzle nozzle and the inner channel surface of the material gradually become larger or deformed, thereby affecting the flow, pressure and spray shape. Shandong nozzle manufacturer

2, blocking: dirt or other impurities in the liquid plug the nozzle mouth, thus limiting the nozzle flow and interference with the spray shape and uniformity.

3, temperature damage: overheating on the use of non high temperature nozzle material design will have some damage.

4, incorrect installation: from the shaft washer, excessive tightening or other changes in the location of the problem can have adverse effects.

5, accidental damage: in the installation and cleaning, due to improper use of tools may accidentally cause damage to the nozzle.

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