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Characteristics And Selection Of Atomizing Nozzle
Apr 07, 2018

Atomization nozzle has a lot of kinds, such as siphon atomizing nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, high pressure spray nozzle, fine spray nozzle, circular atomization nozzle, etc., but its classification are two main categories: fine spray nozzle and air atomizing nozzles. The characteristics of these two types of nozzles are as follows:

1. Fine atomizing nozzle.

Fine atomizing nozzles can spew very fine particles, creating mist sprays. Without the use of compressed air, a very fine atomizing spray can be formed using hydraulic pressure. Most nozzles have a built-in filter. Multiple nozzles are removable for easy cleaning and installation. The fine atomizing nozzle has a wall mounted type that can be installed in containers, pipes and external walls.

2. Air atomizing nozzle.

Air atomizing nozzles need to provide atomized air through a single air source. Some models have automatic cylinders that require an extra air passage. All models require liquid circulation. The liquid passes through a pressurized, equipped transport system, such as a gravity conveyer. The main function of atomizing nozzle is to produce a very fine atomization effect for specific needs.

When choosing a nozzle, you should choose the atomizing nozzle according to your own needs. We can consult our staff if we encounter any problems in the process of purchasing and using.

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