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Characteristics Of High Pressure Fan-shaped Atomizing Nozzles
Jan 14, 2018

The high pressure fan atomizing nozzle can be divided into fan nozzle, quick dismantling nozzle, three combined nozzle, wide angle sector nozzle, narrow angle fan nozzle and so on. The following is the characteristics of the high pressure fan atomizing nozzle.

1, sector nozzle: 8 liquid column flow or fan spray that can generate high impact force, and the jet angle is 0 degrees -110 degrees. The spray produced by this nozzle is uniform and the droplet size is small to medium. When a number of nozzles are required to produce overlapping spray, the characteristic gradually finer spray edges make the spray cover evenly distributed. The flow rate of the fan-shaped nozzle in the 3 bar pressure is less than 3.9 liters / points. There is a threaded joint with an outer pipe. There is no filter when the filter is installed in the fan nozzle with the filter inside the pipe. The rated flow rate of the fan nozzle at 3 bar pressure is 3.9 liters / minutes or more, and it has the external pipe thread joint.

2, quick dismantling nozzles: 1/4 and 1/8 can be installed quickly and automatically spray shape, aiming to save time. The flow rate provided by the quick dismantling nozzle is less than 3.9 liters / points at 3 bar, and the flow rate of quick dismantling sprinkler head is 3 litres, 3.9 liters or more. It is the best choice to apply them when the volume weight of an object is small.

3, three combined nozzles: a liquid column or fan spray that can provide high impact force, and the body angle is between 0 degrees -110 degrees. The spray produced by the sprinkler is uniform, and the droplet thickness is small to medium. When several nozzles are required to overlap the injection, the specially designed edges make the area covered by the injection evenly distributed. All three combined sprinklers are finely processed to provide accurate flow rate and injection angle. Three combinations provide wide angle sector spray, standard, hollow cone spray and wide angle solid cone spray.

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