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Classification And Use Of Industrial Nozzles
May 09, 2017

Most industrial nozzle installed in various spray, spray, spray, sand blasting, spray and other equipment, plays a different role, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, steel, cement, food, papermaking, printing, livestock industry and other industries, can be said to be everywhere.

I. classification

Industrial nozzle contains two types of industrial burners and ordinary industrial nozzles, industrial burners can refer to the Encyclopedia of the burner, the general industrial nozzle is divided into the following categories:

1 according to the material classification, can be divided into: metal nozzle, plastic nozzle, ceramic nozzle, alloy nozzle;

2 according to the spray shape classification, can be divided into conical nozzle, square nozzle, rectangular nozzle, elliptical nozzle, fan nozzle, column flow (DC) nozzle, etc., in addition to the other two kinds of nozzles are included in the solid and hollow of the two;

3 according to the classification of fluid properties, can be divided into single fluid nozzle, double (two) fluid nozzle, multi fluid nozzle;

4 according to the application of industry classification, can be divided into Petrochemical nozzle, nozzle, nozzle, textile and agricultural, environmental protection, printing paper nozzle nozzle (desulfurization, denitrification, denitrification and dust) nozzle, nozzle, nozzle, metallurgical coke nozzle, nozzle and other electronic food;

5 by spraying medium classification, can be divided into water nozzle, oil nozzle, nozzle, nozzle, gas powder mixture nozzle, nozzle for coal water slurry (such as Texaco, four nozzle) etc..

Two, application

1 function application:

A semiconductor wafer cleaning electronic circuit board cleaning device of the cement mixing high pressure cleaning of automobiles and motorcycles, household appliances and other pretreatment chemical cleaning processing workshop floor cleaning industry in the glass mirror making cleaning sieve sand belt iron cleaning paper mill blanket and cloth cleaning tank and the inner wall of the container the cleaning disinfection equipment in food processing plant fruit and vegetable cleaning food processing plant mirror industrial glass bottle cap cleaning cleaning cleaning equipment industry chain hanging objects on the metal surface pretreatment of bottles, barrels and container cleaning rolling surface of high pressure water descaling

Spraying, spraying, coating Sponge Cake syrup cake egg coated tubes spraying dustproof agent tablets colored building materials with plate spraying agent then phosphating metal parts of airless spray or paint spraying coating tablets antirust paper mill in spraying membrane with dye spraying products to identify food before baking oil sprayed on food additives the furniture and condiments in spraying protectants on the mold spray remover for tiles and glazed tiles on the surface of metal food and beverage cans of oil is sprayed on the inner wall of the printing roller on the silica coated metal release agent spread tile glaze, pigment coating

Remove cooling plant in gas combustion in steelmaking continuous casting coated wire stretching engineering plastic tube forming cooling tower cooling conveyor belt heat treatment quenching after casting mould cooling cooling in continuous casting of steel tube extrusion of PVC two steel in cooling roll cooling storage tank roof cooling cooling condenser coil cooling kiln flue gas cooling aluminum pressure rolling mill cutter, cooling cooling material cooling before cooling and humidifying dust electrostatic precipitation belt grinding machine cooling beverage cooling products direct and indirect cooling water spray granulation equipment

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