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Classification And Use Of Metal Nozzles
Jun 03, 2018

Classification and use of metal nozzles
Metal  nozzles play a major role in the application of industrial nozzles.  Following the development of the era and the advancement of society,  metal nozzles must be used more and more widely.
Classification of metal nozzles
Common metal nozzles can be divided into brass nozzles and stainless steel nozzles.
Brass  nozzles have excellent plasticity, high strength, high temperature  resistance, corrosion resistance, and are easy to cut and process. Usually used for high precision, high temperature places. Such as: fine atomizing nozzles, fuel nozzles and so on.
Stainless steel nozzles can be divided into a variety of commonly used 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, 316LL. The specific characteristics can be found in the article “The Benefits of Stainless Steel Nozzles”. Stainless  steel nozzles have good sealability, high hardness, high wear  resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldable commonality benefits such  as metal, and do not have to worry about nozzle wear and blockage  caused by rust formation. It can be used for spray humidification, humidification dust, spray, high pressure cleaning and so on.
The use of metal nozzles
  Metal  nozzles can be used in the cleaning field due to their strong sealing  properties, high wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The  main areas of cleaning include the use of cans and lids for cleaning  metal cans and lids in food processing plants that use bottle-can  cleaning nozzles; use fan-shaped nozzles to clean items on metal hanging  chains; paper mill blankets, mesh cloth; sand and gravel on metal  screens; And  filters, pretreatment of metal surfaces; cleaning of iron sands on  conveyor belts; cleaning of fruit and vegetables, metal tanks and inner  wall of containers using V-shaped narrow-angle fan nozzles; glass  cleaning using tapered nozzles in mirror industry The  corrosion resistance and weldability of metal nozzles such as  industrial equipment cleaning make it able to be used in metallurgical  work. Such  as: the use of dovetail slot fan nozzle for billet continuous casting,  pickling after cleaning; the use of spiral nozzles for power plant,  sintering plant flue gas desulphurization and dust; using fan-shaped  nozzle or cone nozzle cooling quenching; use of air atomization Nozzle to smooth the various components.
  In  addition, metal nozzles are also widely used in cooling, dust removal,  humidification, sewage treatment, papermaking, fire protection, etc.,  such as: air atomizing nozzles, ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles, fine  water mist open, closed fire sprinklers In  short, no matter whether brass is still a metal nozzle made of  stainless steel, it has a wide range of applications. With the rapid  advancement of domestic technology, metal nozzles must be more and more  sophisticated and more and more in line with the needs of customers.

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