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Classification Of Atomizing Nozzles
Dec 24, 2017

Classification by fog flow shape

According to the fog flow shape formed by the nozzle, the nozzle can be divided into two kinds of conical solid nozzles and conical hollow nozzles. The solid nozzles are mainly dusts, and the hollow nozzles are mainly dusts.

The fogging speed of the cone solid fog column sprayed by the solid nozzle is large, and the dust collided by the mist particles can generally be reduced. However, because of the high speed of fog flow, the air around it is easily blown away by the respirable dust with smaller particle size, which objectively affects the effect of dust reduction. Hollow cone nozzle fog screen to prevent dust, increase the fog covered area, generally have large fog nozzle cone angle, the dust source is relatively far. In this way, the velocity of the fog particles has been reduced to a very small end with a large diameter of the fog curtain, and the dust removal effect is also lost in addition to the capture of the dust particles.

From the analysis of the fog shape, in the length of its area of the solid body, the spray density than hollow spray density, the effective range of solid spray, coal dust under normal circumstances it is difficult to pass through the curtain of fog, so the solid body is hollow conical conical spray mist effect is better.

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