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Do You Know How To Improve The Spray Effect Of The Atomizer?
Jan 14, 2018

It is atomizing effect that determines the use value of atomizing sprinkler, and there are many factors that affect atomization effect. From the analysis of atomization way, users can improve atomization effect of atomizing nozzle through four points.

1. Increasing the gas-liquid two phase, the relative velocity difference increases the pressure force, making the droplet broken more finer than the atmospheric power.

2. In raising the beggar nozzle, the speed of the exit is enhanced and the relative sprayed droplets can be further broken when they collide. It is found that if droplet outlet velocity is small, it will converge into large droplets. Spray will cause humidity inside the house. If droplet outlet speed is large, atomization degree can be improved. However, this will reduce the relative degree of the gas liquid and make the droplets of the aerodynamic atomizing liquid become worse. Therefore, how to adjust the speed of water export requires users to gradually master in the long term practice.

3. The experimental results show that the geometry and size of the nozzle and the mixed tube have great influence on the atomization performance. Therefore, in the design of the model, in addition to their impact on the atomization, they should also consider the changes in the overall performance after they are combined.

4. The relationship between the flow and pressure of the spray water supply system, the geometry of the nozzle and the shape of the nozzle is studied to improve the atomization effect. The water pressure of the special municipal water supply system has a great influence on the atomization effect, the higher the water pressure, the finer the water mist particles are. But higher water pressure often brings some problems.

Such as:
(1) large energy consumption;

(2) all the components in the water supply system bear large pressure, easy to fail, short life, especially the internal spray system on the excavating equipment.

(3) in addition, it should also be noted in the regulation of water, not just the maximum pressure to the machine, to avoid the machine because at the beginning and can not achieve the desired pressure and enable the machine to reduce fever, high pressure cleaner spray water supply system and the service life of the host. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the pressure value slowly by adjusting the water pressure and improving the atomization effect. In fact, the high-pressure atomizing machine with high quality is effective at low pressure atomization.

Therefore, if you want to improve the atomization effect of the atomizer, the key is to choose a good quality atomizer!

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