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Do You Understand The Six Major Applications Of Nozzles?
Feb 05, 2019

I. Cooling of Steel Continuous Casting

Cooling: heat exchange is carried out by liquid spray, and atomized liquid quickly takes away the heat on the object and causes the product to cool down rapidly. For example: steel continuous casting cooling.

2. Humidification of textile mills

Humidification: In a specific space, water is atomized into very fine water mist by nozzles to improve the relative humidity in the space, such as: textile factory building humidification.

3. Food Surface Coating

Coating: Spraying a specific liquid or material on the surface of a product, such as bread with cooking oil.


Addition: By spraying or adding specific materials through nozzles, atomized droplets help to mix with other materials quickly and evenly. For example: fruit juice added fructose.

V. Pretreatment of Automobile Painting

Surface cleaning: Use the strong impact of pressurized liquid to remove dirt on the surface of objects. For example: pretreatment before painting.

6. Waste Gas Washing Tower

Washing of exhaust gas: The use of atomized droplets to capture suspended particles or harmful substances in the gas. Such as: wet waste gas scrubbing tower.

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