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High Pressure Atomizing Nozzle Selection Skills Sharing
Oct 14, 2017

High pressure atomizing nozzle selection skills sharing

High pressure atomizing nozzle in order to spray effect is good, then the important link is high pressure atomizing nozzle purchase. When the pressure is relatively high, the surface quality of the ordinary atomizing nozzle can not bear; but when the pressure is low, the spray effect is not good. So high pressure atomizing nozzle must be used when implementing high pressure dust suppression scheme. So how should we choose high-pressure atomizing nozzle? Below sea mist spray nozzle manufacturer answers for everybody.

We all know that the high pressure atomizing nozzle is selected according to the atomization mechanism in the spray process, and the spray shape formed after spraying is also different. Generally, the high pressure atomizing nozzle used for micro mist dust suppression device is made of stainless steel or copper. But after years of practice and Research on the Pomeranian, the nozzle of stainless steel or copper materials manufactured by the use of life is not long.

So these two kinds of nozzle material in use after a period of time, high speed water erosion will make the jet exit flow high pressure atomizing nozzle surface material is damaged, will cause different degrees of wear, when the solid particles containing impurities in water, the wear will be more serious, resulting in high pressure atomizing nozzle caliber and flow more and more, and at the same time, the atomization effect is getting worse; high pressure atomizing nozzle purchase if spray instability will cause poor atomization dedusting efficiency.

If you don't use stainless steel or copper materials produced by the nozzle, the inner core of precision ceramic materials, it is not the same, the ceramic material has good abrasion resistance, high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation etc., so the nozzle of high-pressure atomizing nozzle to buy Ceramics is the most ideal choice.

So, when we choose the high-pressure atomizing nozzle, we should choose according to our specific use, according to the use and the different characteristics of the two kinds of material nozzle to choose the corresponding high-pressure atomizing nozzle nozzle. Order sea jet high pressure atomizing nozzle, please dial: 86-575-87061046

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