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How Much Do You Know About The Effect Of Atomizing Nozzles?
Jun 03, 2018

When it comes to nozzles, you must be hunting for such a commodity. Its name is called atomizing nozzle. Its application plan is very extensive, not only can be used to spray pesticides and pesticides in agricultural labor. In industrial production, it can also be used for paint spraying and dust removal in all working environments. Maybe  you think these environments are far away from your life. Perhaps you  will not use them in these environments. But don't forget that the  nozzles in your shower are made of this nozzle.
Using  an atomizing nozzle, the liquid can be atomized and then ejected, and  the ejected liquid can be more suspended in the air. The  speed at which the liquid is ejected is much slower than the plain  liquid speed of the original, and it can be touched with most objects in  the environment for a long time. Good  nozzles have stringent specifications for the specification of the  liquid after atomization and for the size of the mist particles. The  typical particle size is maintained between fifteen micron and sixty  micron, depending on the spray environment, replace the nozzle with  different specifications to work.
The more common atomizing nozzles are parts that are sprayed on insecticides or air cleaners. Relying on the function of atomization, insecticides stored inside the tank are sprayed as granular liquid. Such  a spraying method facilitates touching of the liquid and the larger  area of the object, and also prevents the liquid from rapidly falling  on the object after spraying. Prevents the waste and pollution of drugs and liquid goods. The use of this type of nozzle is intended to atomize the liquid in the spray can, and then effect the sprayed object. Can basically meet any spraying needs.

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