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How To Detect The Problem Of The Nozzle?
Jan 14, 2018

The initial effect of the nozzle problem is slight and is often ignored. With the change of the throat, the change of spray characteristics is gradually obvious and can be monitored.

Particle size: with the abrasion or corrosion of the nozzle, the flow rate increases, the pressure drops, and the larger spray particles are produced. This problem is usually not seen, but it can be analyzed by the application results.

Nozzle alignment: when there are multiple sector nozzles on a nozzle, a complete uniform coverage is required. All the nozzles must be positioned accurately between each other, that is, all sector spray shapes are accurately located, so as to ensure the precise coverage area. All the spray should be parallel to each other and 5 degrees - 10 degree angle with the nozzle. Otherwise the whole coverage will be uneven.

Flow: when a centrifugal pump is used, when the throat is constantly worn, the flow of the nozzle is usually increased under a certain pressure. As this flow increase is not easy to look up, it is suggested that the flow test be carried out regularly. Flow detection can be measured by measuring the readings of the flowmeter, or under a given pressure, using the collection method to collect the amount of water in a certain period of time. Compare these readings with the readings on the sample or compare them with the new, not used nozzles. When the reciprocating pump is used, the water flow is constant when the throat is worn, and the pressure in the liquid pipeline drops.

Spray shape: when the fan nozzle is damaged, blocked or bonded, the uneven change of the spray shape is easily observed. When the throat is gradually worn, the change of the spray shape is not easy to look up, until the flow rate increases significantly. For applications requiring very uniform spray coverage, special equipment or tests are required to detect the uniformity of the spray shape.

The spray shape of the fan nozzle with an elliptical throat is a blade shape with a thick sector or a conical edge, so the overlapping distribution of the adjacent nozzles is ideal. With the wear of the throat, it can be observed that the angle contained in the spray shape is decreasing. At this time, more water will be found to flow in the center and increase the distribution of water. It is also found that there are strips and hollow in the shape of the spray.

The hollow cone nozzles are basically a liquid ring, and the uneven shape of the spray is mainly shown in some regions.

A solid cone, square or elliptical spray nozzle, the inhomogeneity of the shape of the spray is in some degree like the fan-shaped nozzle, and more water will be concentrated in the center. The change of the spray shape caused by the clogging of the inner blade in the solid nozzle is not regular.

Spray pressure: the nozzle problem caused by pressure changes is difficult to look up. When the centrifugal pump is used, the spray pressure is basically unchanged, but the flow rate of the liquid usually increases with the wear of the throat of the nozzle. The increase in flow rate will result in an increase in the cost of the liquid.

If the reciprocating pump is used, the flow is kept constant, and the injection pressure will decrease with the wear or corrosion of the nozzle. The low injection pressure reduces the spray force. If the nozzle is blocked and the injection pressure rises, it can exceed the maximum pressure allowed by the system and cause damage to the equipment or body.

The change of injection pressure also causes the change of the coverage area of the jet.

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