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How To Determine The Spray Nozzle Replacement
May 09, 2017

Because of the design of spray nozzle of small volume, long-term use is easy to cause blockage of dirt and spray nozzle in use after a period of time, there will be different forms, through the following observation we can see clearly whether to use the spray nozzle, it needs to be replaced, cleaning, maintenance:

From table 1, pressure spray nozzle using pumps to observe whether there is the phenomenon of pressure gauge pump or boost pressure drop, spray nozzle pressure gauge for spray nozzle decrease represents serious wear, content increases, spray nozzle pressure gauge for spray nozzle rose representative block.

Spray shape 2, spray nozzle has not changed significantly, such as uneven spraying streak, cannot spray, spray nozzle that have damage phenomenon.

3, from the appearance observation, spray nozzle body is: external deformation, wear, corrosion, blocking, James Bond meltdown, scaling, said spray nozzle is influenced by the environment outside needs to be replaced.

4, spray nozzle can not achieve the desired spray effect, such as the angle becomes larger, less impact.

5, spray nozzle will be placed on a dedicated test bench measured, and then compared with the new product or data, whether the difference between new products.

6. The material on the surface of the nozzle and the inner flow passage of the spray nozzle becomes larger and larger, thus affecting the flow rate, pressure and spray shape.

7. The chemical action of spray liquid or environment can cause corrosion and damage to the nozzle material.

8, the dirt or other impurities in the liquid block the nozzle of the spray nozzle, which limits the flow rate of the spray nozzle and interferes with the spray shape and uniformity.

9, caused by the evaporation of liquid in the nozzle nozzle edge of the inside or outside of the material on the side of the spray, fog or chemical accumulation effect, can leave a layer of dry solidified layer, blocking spray nozzle mouth or internal flow channel.

10, overheating on the use of non high temperature design spray nozzle material will have some damage.

11, in the installation and cleaning, due to the use of incorrect tools may accidentally cause damage to the spray nozzle.

12, from the axis of the gasket, too tight or other changes in the location of the problem can have adverse effects.

The above form shows some basic characteristics of spray nozzle in use after a period of time, using these features, we can clearly see the spray nozzle is the ideal state, the spray nozzles are in need of maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning or replacement, in order to ensure the quality of the final product and the production process to maintain economic benefits.

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