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How To Maintain And Maintain The Nozzle
May 09, 2017

First, the use of the machine when the first note

In order to make the nozzle into the best working condition, the machine starts to work formally before, please make sure you use one to two days as much as possible more than print some pictures, it is best to use the CMYK color, and with C, in the picture on both sides of the M, Y, K four test to ensure that all the spray head is always in jet state. It is best to take the sponge in the cleaning end of the machine together with the bracket.

Two, daily maintenance and maintenance of sprinkler

Cleaning liquid for moisturizing sponge or corrosion preservative film clean, cleaning liquid will be poured in the above, cleaning the printer head back to the end of the machine and the nozzle and moisturizing sponge or plastic wrap tightly, turn off the power, maintain the state of the machine.

Three, the discovery of the nozzle after the treatment of minor blockage

Timely and decisive and thorough treatment slightly blocked nozzle is very important to keep the nozzle the best working condition in a long time in the process of printing, found in the printer in the working process of the nozzle clogging phenomenon after a slight pause, to print without hesitation, then wash nozzle ejected from the nozzle with a vacuum cleaner or manual pump to make ink. After cleaning to print. In addition, it is necessary to carefully check the nozzle and find the reasons for the nozzle clogging.

Four, in the process of spray nozzle frequent nozzle processing method

1 let the inkjet machine to stop working, and then make the head of the inkjet machine moved to the cleaning position.

2 to maintain the power supply is in the open state, the auxiliary ink box connected to the head of the car plate floating ball switch signal line all unplug.

3 the ink supply tube on the spray nozzle (the end of the auxiliary ink box) is pulled out, and then the cleaning liquid is cleaned with a glass syringe.

4 after cleaning for re inserted ink tube and the float switch signal line, and then continue to suspend the print job.

Five, the above method is not effective or no effect when the treatment method

1 remove the spray nozzle from the mounting bracket.

2 in the clean glass container into the right amount of cleaning liquid, put into the nozzle after the bottom of the submerged nozzle 2 ~ 3mm is appropriate, and then use a plastic film to seal the glass container (dust) for more than a day.

Note: the signal interface on the top of the nozzle should not contact the cleaning solution, otherwise it will damage the nozzle.

3 after the nozzle is soaked, the use of special ultrasonic cleaning device for microwave oscillation. In the cleaning container into the appropriate amount of cleaning liquid, and then the bottom of the nozzle into the cleaning liquid immersion about 2 ~ 3mm, and then start the cleaning process, the longest can not exceed five minutes, in order to prevent damage to the nozzle.

Note: no more than three times of continuous cleaning.

4 glass syringe extraction 40ML cleaning liquid interface to the upper part of the ink injected from the nozzle for the tube, observe the state of the nozzle from the waterline, if all of the waterline are very straight, that shows that the nozzle cleaning is effective, can continue to use (the premise: circuit and piezoelectric crystals are still intact), if some water spray can be tilted by second steps, three washed again.

Six, the machine is expected to be a few days when not in use of the processing method: if the machine is expected to be more than two days is not in use, the ink cleaning nozzle must be clean, avoid the nozzle in the ink because of solvent dry, resulting in serious damage to the nozzle clogging. Treatment methods are as follows:

1 turn off the printer power supply.

2 move the head to the cleaning position and put a corrosion resistant container under the spray nozzle to clean the liquid.

3 take out the ink from the ink box with a glass syringe or pour out the ink cartridge.

4 the ink nozzle tube (connection cartridges) pulled out, and then use glass syringe extraction cleaning fluid cleaning nozzle, do a few times, leaving enough cleaning liquid in the nozzle, and then note the amount of the cleaning fluid in the corrosion film clean, then the plastic wrap affixed to the spray nozzle surface moisture.

5 put the treated nozzle into a clean corrosion resistant container and seal it.

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