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Humidification And Dehumidification System For High And Low Temperature Test Chamber
May 09, 2017

High low temperature test box humidification system: the steam generated by the heating pipe for heating water into the tank, humidity, spray way for early cantilever is eliminated, the gradual emergence of boiler steam humidification, but due to the slow response is not easy to maintain, are now gradually replaced by shallow trough humidification, humidification of the principle is similar to power the kettle, with the temperature gradually increased humidity increasing, when the temperature reached 95 degrees, humidity will be 100% water vapor, if you want to do is how to realize low humidity? Next, a look at the dehumidification system of high and low temperature test box: dehumiditying existing is divided into the mechanical refrigeration and dehumidification drying, drying that is to say to the test box into the dehumidification drying air, enforce humidity uniformity in the scene, but can not be guaranteed, now ring industry recognition and Science in Wet or by mechanical refrigeration dehumidification, dehumidification by condensation dehumidification principle, refrigeration system, evaporator fin temperature will be lower than the test surface temperature and humidity dew point temperature, air circulation, dew moisture through the evaporator surface, so as to achieve the purpose of dehumidification, dehumidification system for single compression refrigeration cycle system by compressor, air (water) composed of condenser, accumulator, dry filter, solenoid valve, capillary tube and evaporator.

The above is about the humidification and dehumidification system, if the high and low temperature test box test in the conversion process, the sample can not come into contact with any water vapor, as everyone knows, when the measured temperature is reduced to products at room temperature (low temperature, low temperature and Frost) rises to high temperature when the frost melts natural meet high temperature into the water, how to ensure the frost free state? Can be achieved in two ways, one is into the dry air, and we described above for drying is a principle, another is to keep the box into the box of nitrogen, vacuum (under the vacuum state, the freezing point of water is -200 degrees). So we low temperature standard test box is no freezing point, there is no humidity produced. Can not contact any of the water vapor is measured with a circuit board, electronic control box, control cabinet, etc.

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