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Improve The Atomization Path Of Atomizing Nozzle
May 06, 2018

According to the atomization mechanism and experimental research, combined with the experience of coal mine site, the ways to improve atomization of atomizing nozzle are as follows:

(1) increase the relative speed difference between gas and liquid, so as to increase the aerodynamic force, so that the droplets can be broken more finely under the action of more aerodynamic forces. A simple understanding is to increase the pressure, which makes the spray even smaller.

(2) increase the exit velocity of the liquid nozzle to enhance the collision, so that the relative ejection droplets can be further broken in the collision. Our experiment found that if the droplet outlet velocity is small, it will gather into large droplets, which can improve the atomization level if the droplet outlet velocity is large. However, this will reduce the relative speed of the gas liquid and reduce the droplets of the aerosol droplets.

(3) the experimental results show that the geometry and size of the nozzle and the mixing tube have great influence on the atomization performance of the atomizing nozzle. Therefore, we in the design of spray nozzle model, in addition to consider their effect on atomization respectively, also consider them together after the change of the performance of the whole, in order to achieve the best effect of atomization.

(4) study the relationship between flow rate, pressure and nozzle geometry size and structure shape of spray water supply system, and improve the atomization effect. In particular, the water pressure of the water supply system has a great impact on the atomization effect. The higher the water pressure is, the finer the water mist particles are. But the problem with high water pressure is: energy consumption; All the parts in the water supply system are under great pressure, easy to fail and short life, especially the internal spray system on the excavation equipment.

How to improve the structure of pressure atomizing nozzle to obtain fine mist particles under the limited water supply pressure will be the problem that we need to study and discuss in the future. We believe that in the continuous experiment of our technicians, this problem will be solved well, just a question of time and experiment. Hanbo will continuously provide you with high quality and high technical content atomizing nozzles to meet your needs for production or life.

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