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Industrial Nozzle Coal Mine Dust Application Industry
May 25, 2018

When  coal mines are excavated and loaded, they will generate a lot of dust.  Such dust will not only endanger the health of the workers, but also  affect the operation of the working equipment, accelerate mechanical  wear, reduce visibility, and even increase the accident rate. The use of industrial nozzles can effectively control coal mine dust.
Industrial nozzle coal mine dust application in the dumper, mining in the coal mine, there are two main sources of dust:
     1. Industrial nozzles can eliminate the dust generated during the crushing process of coal and rock;
     2. Friction and coal dust generated during the collapse of coal and rock blocks.
At  this point, the industrial nozzle coal mine can be used to remove dust  particles sprayed under a certain pressure. The water mist floats in the  air and collides with the coal dust, increasing the weight of the coal  dust and accelerating the settlement, thereby reducing the downhole  operation sites. Coal dust concentration. In  the transfer point of the mine transport tapes and chutes, a separate  industrial nozzle coal mine can be used for dust removal; in the fully  mechanized mining and excavation work surface, a straight rod type  purified water curtain composed of industrial nozzles can be used. At  the same time, because of the working environment, it is necessary to  pay attention to the filtering of the jet water quality of industrial  nozzles to prevent the clogging of industrial nozzles. Industrial nozzles of this type generally use screw industrial nozzles.
The  above is only for large particles of dust. For small coal dust, another  type of industrial nozzle can be installed to ensure that the ideal  dust suppression effect is achieved. Fine  atomized industrial particles can be used to capture fine coal dust.  The use of tools such as dust masks and dust caps is not recommended in  terms of worker comfort and the degree of sultryness in the work  environment. .
In short, coal mines can use industrial nozzles to remove dust from mining, loading, and even transport and use. Compared  with other dust suppression equipment, industrial nozzle coal mine dust  removal is more convenient, more economical and safer. And  through the combination of industrial nozzles, it solves the problem  that most of the equipment can not be reached in one step, making coal  mine workers work more comfortable and safer.

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