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Industrial Nozzle Five Major Applications Of Papermaking Industry
May 25, 2018

With  the popularization of industrial nozzles and the special requirements  of the papermaking process, the industrial nozzle papermaking industry  is more and more widely used. From the headbox, network pressure  section, drying section, and take-up section, industrial nozzles are  everywhere. The  effect of industrial nozzles has a direct impact on the quality of  paper. Therefore, industrial nozzles are small, but they are important  parts that paper mills can't ignore. There  are five major applications for industrial nozzle papermaking industry.  The following manufacturers of HNA spray equipment will introduce them  to everyone.
Industrial nozzles There are five major applications in the papermaking industry:

1. Tank cleaning for industrial nozzle papermaking industry

Paper tank cleaning tank nozzle can be used to clean the cleaning speed. And the use of lower costs.
2, industrial nozzle papermaking industry application of cutting edge

Cutting  of the paper edge mainly uses high-pressure needle nozzles. The  high-pressure needle nozzle can form a linear needle column flow under  different pressure conditions and can withstand pressure up to 140 bar.  The orifice material is made of 316 stainless steel and high-alumina  ceramics. .
3, industrial nozzle papermaking industry application of paper net cleaning:

Press section blanket cleaning, blind hole roller cleaning, groove roller cleaning, etc. When cleaning, fan-shaped nozzles, high-pressure needle nozzles, self-cleaning fan-shaped nozzles, etc. are generally used.
4、 Paper Coating Spray Applied in Industrial Nozzle Papermaking Industry

Surface coating spray of paper, generally use water mist nozzle and air atomization nozzle.
5. Pulp defoaming applied in industrial nozzle papermaking industry

To remove the foam in the pulp, hollow cone nozzles and spiral nozzles are generally used.
The  industrial nozzle application in the papermaking industry is mainly  mentioned above. Therefore, it can be seen that the importance of  industrial nozzles in the papermaking industry. Therefore, it is very  important to choose the right industrial nozzle.

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