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Nozzle Configuration Overview
Jun 03, 2018

Different nozzle configurations will result in different processing power and nozzle life. A  reasonable nozzle configuration allows the abrasive to achieve high  speeds, then increase processing power and reduce the necessary cost. From  the time the nozzle was launched to a long period afterwards,  cylindrical nozzles were used, followed by tapered nozzles. By the  mid-1950s, Venturi-shaped nozzles were available. So  far, domestic and foreign companies have announced various forms of  nozzles. The types and characteristics of commonly used nozzles are as  follows:
   1, cylindrical straight hole nozzle structure
   It has both spray gun and nozzle features, and its structure is simple. It can be directly replaced with seamless steel pipe, and it can also be obtained by drilling holes in the data. However, the number of nozzles is shorter, and they are mostly used in occasions where the sand blasting request is not high.
   2, conical nozzle structure
   This nozzle configuration has a flow-guiding conical inlet and a straight section that acts as a bundle. It  is relatively simple for the abrasive to enter the nozzle, and the  distribution of the abrasive on the nozzle cross section is more uniform  than the cylindrical nozzle.
   3, Venturi nozzle structure
  It  is constructed as a venturi-type throat with a micro-conical  cross-section at the outlet and a slightly larger diameter at the  outlet. The  airflow reaches some sound speed in the throat, and the velocity of  supersonic waves above 355m/s can be reached at the outlet of the nozzle  (usually, the outlet speed of cylindrical row straight-hole nozzle  abrasive is low, only about 97m/s). High abrasive speed, which is 15%-50% better than that of normal nozzles. In  order to avoid excessive wear of the nozzle, the nozzle liner can use  hard alloy or ceramic nozzle data, in order to avoid blocking, the  nozzle diameter should be selected 3-4 times the abrasive particle size.
   4, special nozzle structure
  Its  structure is a double-port special sandblasting nozzle, and its  structure is disorderly. It is usually used in special occasions, such  as sandblasting in pipelines.
   5, modular nozzle structure
  In  the nozzle inlets, outlets and the central part of the planning have  different functions of the data, the way to mechanical assembly of the  various parts of the data assembled into a nozzle. The  combined nozzle inlets and outlets are planned to be high-hardness  ceramics or other wear-resistant materials; the middle nozzle can be  planned for high-toughness metals or other materials. The  combined nozzle can satisfy the request of the nozzle inlet, the outlet  and the central part against the abrasion function, and can improve the  erosion erosion resistance of the nozzle to a certain extent. However,  compared with the overall structure of the nozzle, two or more pieces  of data are required to be prepared, and related processes such as  assembly are added.

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