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Practical Use Of High Pressure Spray Systems
Nov 06, 2018

Practical use of high pressure spray systems

Stainless steel water tank type fog machine industrial principle:

     The plunger pump pressurizes the purified water to 7 MPa, and then delivers it to the nozzle through a high-pressure water pipe. After atomization, it is sprayed into the entire space with a micro-mist of 3 to 5 μm. The water mist absorbs heat in the air and changes from a liquid state. The gaseous state increases the humidity of the space and achieves the purpose of lowering the air temperature. This is the composition of the humidification and cooling process system of the micro-mist system.

The "1" pumping station unit uses high-pressure ceramic plunger pump to generate 7MPa high-pressure water. The pressure of the pumping station is automatically adjusted by pressure sensor and frequency converter, which can adapt to 100KG/h-

     Regulated regulation between 1600KG/h flow and a variety of protection functions.

The copper or stainless steel micro-mist nozzle precision-processed by the "2" spray unit has the characteristics of fine spray, no wear and small pressure loss.

     Pore size: 0.15mm; 0.2mm; 0.3mm Spray amount: 6KG ~ 7KG / h (at P = 7MPa)

The "3" control unit system uses the programmable controller to adjust, display and control the various status points of the system according to the engineering needs, and monitor all system functions to avoid occurrence.

     Fault and can display a fault. When the control unit is externally connected to the humidity sensor or temperature sensor and the servo mechanism of the external controller, a fully automatic system can be constructed.

The "4" high-pressure shunt valve unit high-pressure shunt valve can realize multi-channel water supply or discharge water to the predetermined spray unit according to the requirements of the high-pressure water control pre-program.

High pressure micro-mist system features

"1" fog: ultra-high pressure micro-mist spray nozzle can produce 5 billion droplets per second, the diameter of the droplets is only 3-15μm, especially like clouds in the mountains, rapidly evaporating in the air to form water vapor, plus

     The wet cooling effect is excellent.

"2" energy saving: atomizing 1 liter of water only consumes 6W of power, which is one percent of the traditional electric humidifier, and one tenth of the centrifugal or gas-water hybrid humidifier.

"3" Reliable: Ultra-high pressure micro-mist humidifier mainframe adopts imported industrial piston pump, which can run continuously for 24 hours, no power and vulnerable parts of nozzle and water mist dispenser, in high dust ring

     It is also not damaged in the environment.

"4" Hygiene: The water in the ultra-high pressure micro-mist system is sealed and non-circulating and does not cause bacterial growth.

"5" Humidification amount: The humidification amount is large and can be freely combined. The output flow of the pump station of the ultra-high pressure micro-mist system can be adjusted steplessly from 100kg/h to 1600kg/h, and can be used in the flow range.

     The spray head can be configured to adjust the humidification accuracy in any combination.

high pressure spray systems

General application

●The plant is cooled, the greenhouse greenhouses are humidified and cooled.

●Industrial: humidification and cooling of high-temperature and high-humidity conditions in the brewing plant, textile factory, paper factory, paper processing plant, furniture processing plant, fire (explosive) drug production plant, power plant, steel mill plant cooling, brewing food industry under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

●Agriculture: cold storage, greenhouse, livestock breeding, flower bud, edible fungus culture, vegetable preservation, anti-static, disinfection, etc.

● Landscape fog: The ultra-fine mist suspended in the air moves with the wind like a cloud of smoke. When it creates a fascinating landscape effect, the ultra-fog particles contain a large amount of negative particles, increasing the oxygen content of the air. Greatly created and improved people's living and living environment.

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