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Principle And Spray Effect Of Low Pressure Atomizing Nozzle.
Feb 04, 2018

Do you know that when you use a low pressure fine atomizer spray nozzle, do you feel the atomization effect is different than expected? Why is it that the low pressure fine atomizing nozzles can not achieve the desired effect? What is the principle of the low pressure fine atomizing nozzle?

Low pressure fine atomization nozzle spray the effect not beautiful, first we should think of low voltage principle fine spray nozzle, the pressure of the liquid whether meet the requirements, followed by the surface tension and viscosity of liquid will affect the atomization quality? The working principle of the low pressure fine atomizing nozzle is that when the liquid is compressed internally to the nozzle, the jet flow is turned into a spray flow, depending on the Reynolds number of the fluid.

Low voltage principle is if the liquid viscosity reducing fine spray nozzle, liquid in air atomizing nozzle and the vortex intensity increases, the tangential force and radial force becomes greater, atomization effect will be much better. In the middle of the atomization, surface tension plays a main role. Surface tension decreases, and surface tension of liquid through division more easily. In the late fine low pressure nozzle, viscous force, surface tension, liquid inertia force and the friction between the aerodynamic, further divided droplets. Nozzle spray more far, fine low pressure spray nozzle atomizing effect is better.

Principle of low pressure fine spray nozzle is under the condition of invariable when the nozzle diameter, with the increase of flow velocity and larger, is advantageous to the liquid flow from laminar to turbulent flow and atomization, but if the viscosity increased, is not conducive to low pressure fine atomization nozzle. When the water particles are divided into tiny fog bead, is broken into more smaller water molecules, the increase of surface tension, liquid rupture. In order to make the liquid atomization effect to achieve the best condition, spray liquid viscosity rise according to the viscosity of nozzle type requirements, giving proper heating temperature. In the initial stage nozzle atomization, the effects of viscosity, is crucial.

To sum up, according to the principle of low pressure fine spray nozzle, fine atomization nozzle spray best effect at low pressure at the same time, need to take into account the filtrate volume and viscosity, to understand how the surface tension of the low pressure fine spray nozzle, the pressure Settings such as to be able to do a good analysis and adjustment well spray best effect, we use low pressure fine atomizing nozzle can achieve very good use effect.

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