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Small Knowledge Of Atomized Sprinkler Head
May 06, 2018

1. Atomizing nozzle and atomizing nozzle.

For many new to spray nozzle this friend, probably the two nouns for atomizing nozzle and spray nozzle have what distinction is not clear, actually atomizing nozzle and spray nozzle is a product of two different appellation, just nozzle as more official.

2. What are the types of atomized sprinkler head?

At present shenzhen he bo atomizing nozzle air atomizing nozzle, siphon atomization nozzle, fine, medium pressure atomization nozzle spray nozzle, high pressure spray nozzle, low pressure spray nozzle, cross spray nozzle, fan-shaped spray nozzle, circular atomizer, ultrasonic atomization nozzle, automatic spray gun, etc.

3. Standard atomizing nozzle components.

Atomizing nozzle components generally includes nozzle nut cap, air cap, liquid, liquid cap gasket, nozzle body, sealing gaskets, spray device, component, remove the needle component, block adjustment needle components, such as specific reference: nozzle structure.

4. General application scope of atomized sprinkler head.

Compared with other nozzles, the atomization nozzle has the greatest advantage, which is the fine spray, especially the air atomizing nozzle, the fine atomizing nozzle and the siphon atomizing nozzle. The spray effect is excellent. This also makes the atomization nozzle widely used in cooling, humidification, gas cooling, greenhouse cooling, atomization and so on.

5. Analysis of market prospect of atomized sprinkler head.

Along with the more and more high to the requirement of atomization effect of industry, atomizing nozzle market has also become more and more big, such as the breeding of indoor temperature, now has a lot of companies start using atomizing nozzle spray cooling method. In addition, in recent years, many places have started to have outdoor cooling equipment composed of atomized sprinkler heads in summer. It is clear that the atomization nozzle has begun to integrate into many aspects of our lives.

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