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Spray System Can Cool Down, Dust, Moisture, Anti-static, Deodorant
May 09, 2017

Spray system is widely used, can be used for industrial humidification, moisture, dust, anti-static, deodorant

1 humidification: spray system through the spray mist is very uniform, the amount of fog can be free to control their own conditions. The fog can be up to 3-5 microns

2 Cooling: fog spray out very fine, up to 3-5 microns. Through the air heat to evaporate the fog, due to evaporation need to absorb heat, so the cycle can reduce the temperature, so as to achieve the effect of cooling

3 division: fog is very fine, spray out completely floating in the air, you can completely contact with the dust in the air, you can make the dust all landed

4 anti-static: the cause of static electricity because of the low content of moisture in the air, so that the object of the increase in electricity. Fog can increase the moisture in the air, so as to achieve the role of anti-static

5 deodorant: Fog in the air can make the odor dilution, so as to achieve the role of deodorant

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